Made-to-measure service.

We are a comprehensive cloud accounting and funding strategy firm.

Our end-to-end cloud accounting covers everything from entering your first transaction of the year, to filing your corporate tax return at year-end. You get the benefit of having one point of contact who handles your bookkeeping, payroll and tax returns. No more lost time trying to juggle your payroll company, your bookkeeper and your accountant.

Where most accounting firms stop, is where our true expertise comes in. We go beyond just compliance, and offer unparalled expertise with strategizing on the various government grants and tax credits.

We offer the following

Cloud Setup

First things first - we'll set up a customized set of apps and integrate them in order to streamline your accounting process.


We'll help you with bank reconciliations, payroll setup and expense claims

Taxes & Compliance

We handle filing your corporate tax return (T2), sales tax returns, employee T4s and all the other fun tax stuff.

Not your traditional bookkeeper

We tailor the set of cloud apps to match your business needs. We work with you to understand your current accounting process, and identify the best apps to make your bookkeeping run smoothly.

We’re big on efficiency, so we’ll make sure your payroll, bookkeeping and bank account are integrated and always in sync. This means you’ll always have access to real-time information and reports whenever you need them.

We these apps: