Prix-Fixe Accounting

We offer an all-inclusive pricing model. That means for a fixed monthly fee, you get bookkeeping, payroll, financial statements, tax filing, software subscriptions and everything else we offer. You won't have to keep track of invoices from your bookkeeper, ADP charges, renewing your QuickBooks license and worry about billable hours from your accountant. Our flat-rate monthly fee ensures a predictable cash flow and no suprise bills at year-end.

Okay, so how much will it cost?

We dont have any pre-set prices or tiers that we'll try to fit you into. Nor do we offer a limited or starter plan, where you'll have to 'upgrade' to get a better level of service. Our fee will depend on your business activity, including business structure, size and transaction volume.

Following our tailored approach, we first like to get to know our clients and understand how we can add value before figuring out a price. Schedule a call or meeting to get started.